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Who We Are

  • We are newcomers to Christianity, lifelong Methodists, and former members of many different Christian denominations.
  • We are young and old, married and single,…
Our Values


Inviting you to come as you are to explore a relationship with God through Jesus Christ



Seeking responsible living as a community of faith and in our local community



Growing in our faith through committed discipleship

From The Gallery
The New Covenant: Jeremiah

Covenant: Jeremiah Jeremiah 31:31-34 Abbey Echols Sunday, March 18, 2018   In the 1950’s, Ron Popeil (Popay) made famous the marketing phrase: “But wait! There’s more!”  Popay, known as the “Set it and Forget it” man, did not invent the phrase, but used it to catch and hold the viewers attention – announcing that something

Covenant: Christ

Covenant: Christ Number 21:4-9; John 3:14-21 3/11/2018   I want to begin this morning by making what probably sounds like an obvious point.  Theology really matters.  Specifically, getting the foundation of our theology right really matters.  Now, you may be thinking to yourself…“Thanks, Captain Obvious.”  (Or, I suppose, “Reverend Obvious” in this case.) But I

Covenant: Moses

Covenant: Moses Exodus 20:1-17 3/4/2018               On Thursday night, the basketball season came to an end for both of our sons.  Max is in the 5th grade and Sam is in the 1st grade.  Both of their teams finished the regular season 5-3, earning a spot in the end-of-year tournament.  We had five basketball


“Our dream for Mosaic is that everyone will feel welcome here, and that
those who have not felt comfortable in a church before can find a spiritual
home in this community of faith.”

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